7 Cheapest destinations in Asia in currency terms

7 Cheapest destinations in Asia in currency terms


Asia has the perfect combination between “chaos and calm”, between the modern and the traditional, between nature and cosmopolitan cities… It has everything and, therefore, devote some of your time and money to meet Asian destinations is a wonderful way to spend your vacation, you will fill your mind and soul with new and different things. Cheap and steal amazing destinations.

The seven cheapest and amazing Asian destinations:


thailand economy

1 Thai baht = 0.027658 U.S. dollars (December 2015)

With the possibility to visit it at any time of year, because it has a tropical climate, Thailand is one of the Asian destinations that gives us a little of everything and also is one of the ten most requested by tourists nowadays. Their culture is rich in plurality and it is one of the most ancient, the cult to the body and mind with its healing therapies and hospitality accompanies the excellence of its other features. For fun do not worry, you will not miss anything!


indonesia economy

1 Indonesian Rupiah = 0.00007 US Dollars (December 2015)

With a total of 17,000 islands is without doubt, a destination that deserves time to be known, but, above all, time to enjoy it. It has several cities that stand out for its beaches, cosmopolitan city life with large malls, and a very crazy nightlife. The main cities are Jakarta (also capital), Surabaya, Bandung and Denpasar. Do not forget that cultural and gastronomically has a strength and a mixture unusual. You should all taste it.


malaysia economy

1 Malaysian ringgit = 0.232718 U.S. dollars (December 2015)

Diversity is the watchword. No matter if we talk about the landscape, society, religion, the village itself or its culture, is a country of contrasts. A tourist destination of choice for those who love crowded places and noise. If something is perfect it is that even with such a large, curious and contrasting mixture, Malays teach us to live in peace and harmony.


laos economy

1 Laos Kip = 0.00012 U.S. dollars (December 2015)

Although not a country of beaches, not too rich, it is a country with natural landscapes that are worthwhile. Today, with fewer scars of the Vietnam War, has many options, including: The Nam Ou, Nam River Xong, the Carso and every one of its mountains. Perfect for those who love nature and long walks.


vietnam economy

1 Dong = 0.000012 U.S. dollars (December 2015)

A society dedicated to the family and the country, is a tourist destination that offers much more than simple views. It is thirteenth on the list of the most populous countries in the world so if you want to visit this Asian destination, we recommend you have a lot of calm and an open mind. Its border with China the influence of some form, at least at the level of some cultural traditions and characteristics.

Its tropical climate, and lack of paradisiacal beaches likens to other Asian destinations and so you can see: plains and majestic mountains and cultivated. So as far as religion and keep the Asian cuisine guideline.


india economy

1 Indian rupee = 0.015075 U.S. dollars (December 2015)

Famous for many things, India is a hotbed for religious worship, culture and trade routes. And talking about trade routes, India is the world’s 11th largest economy. This means that people and movement are two things I will not miss on your visit.

With a rich fauna and flora, this Asian destination known for its food and clothing: in gastronomy, not limited to one style, they use and abuse the use of herbs and spices that gives it that taste so characteristic and unique dishes; in clothing, Sari (for women) and Dhoti (for men) are known to be quite colorful


nepal economy1 Nepal Rupee = 0.0097 U.S. dollars (December 2015)

Nestled in the Himalayas, and although quite small compared to most other Asian destinations we talked to you, is famous nothing more and nothing less to own Mount Everest. As you can imagine, this destination is one of the most desired by most tourists, lovers of mountaineering course!

It is multicultural, absorbing a little of all its neighbors, especially the Hindu and took quite Tibetan culture, so it is very easy to get confused when choosing and stroll through these places. If your idea is to find a more peaceful, traditional and slightly corrupted by life technologies, this is the perfect destination.