Introducing SmartFinanceMag to the World.

Introducing SmartFinanceMag to the World.


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We are a team of professional people who work in the financial sector and our aim is to help other people understand our sector in a deeper and better way. During the recent years the economies of the developed countries have been going through rough times. The biggest and most developed economies shrinked, and some still struggle to increase their GDP. This is due to many factors. Consequences are that many people lost their jobs and still haven’t found one. This is the situation that face many European countries. That’s why the financial sector has been very criticized in the eyes of the public. Our capacity to analyse all those factors is limited and we are not only here to look to the past. But we think it’s important to understand where we come from and more important know how the system works. International financial institutions use governments to protect their partners’ interests. At the end, we are all people. Governments are people. Companies are people.

This blog pretends to teach people who thinked were outside of this financial world but already have realised that affects everyone of us in a bigger or smaller degree. There is a personal experience we would like to share in this blog. That experience destroyed one of our member’s family economy. That situation is what has decided him to start this blog, and dragged the rest of us into it. That’s also the reason why we have to use a nickname to sign the articles. We want to protect his family name because they have already been told in a trial at court that there is no fraud at all in this case. The name we are going to use from now on to refer to ourselves it will be Anthony Prams. So, our family, The Prams. All clear we hope.

So back to the topic, The Prams lost the trial against the Bank, and The Prams family have nothing to ask for to the bank. The Prams family were victims of a fraud from a well known international bank. We will go in deeper detail in the next post about what the banks did to the Prams family. This first post we want to use it to explain a bit more our goals in a long term basis. We are ready to start making notes and slides, with accurate descriptions about all financial products, and markets. The most important things to take into account in Macroeconomics. How the market is regulated. Explain how currencies are traded. Hedge funds, etc. Only after people learn how financial products work and are traded, can judge if it suits them as investors.

On top of that we want to give our view about the most relevant news in the financial sector, focusing in Europe and the United States. As we said before, we work all in a company advising clients to invest their money, so our intention in this blog is to analyse some of the best investments in the market for each kind of investor and the moment of the economy. We are all really busy, but will make sure every day there is some new stuff to take a look at.

Hope you all enjoy it and make the most of it to learn as much as you can to avoid being victims of the financial system and not be able to claim nothing.

Anthony Prams.