Introducing the Course:

Introducing the Course:

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This course is a synthesis of all the important topics that a financial advisor should know in order to do a decent job. With this course we want to show that economics and finance are NOT difficult stuff. Most things that are going to be mentioned in the course are on the newspapers every day.  The clue is to break the topics down into smaller and easier blocks. To see part by part and understand how all these parts work in the real world. This course will help you develop a solid foundation in investment strategy to maximize your portfolio’s performance. Designed for beginners and professionals at any career stage.


Learn how to analyze the market and how to make a good portfolio with a long term investment horizon. Today’s fast-paced business environment requires a dynamic team of finance expertise (3 or more), strategic thinking and a highly practical approach. Master a wide range of financial tools and fill crucial gaps in your knowledge with our finance program.

The First part consists in all general information that an investor needs to know in order to operate in the financial market. That general information includes some Macroeconomics concepts, Stock Markets, Equity, Bonds, Derivatives, foreign exchange, Hedge Funds, Financial Maths and how to manage a portfolio with a specific investor’s objective. We will explain why every person has different financial needs and how a portfolio can be adapted to those needs.

And the second part of the course is all about exercises and real cases study that we have made. These exercises will help understand how to use the tools already learned in the first part of the course. So students will be able to analyze the market in a deeper way.

We will also give students the opportunity to ask questions to the team. An internal net communication system will be set up as a place to share ideas. The team will be always updating the board.


We are opened to any suggestions from you all.


Anthony Prams