Is the US Government’s official position against the catalan process for independence?

Is the US Government’s official position against the catalan process for independence?

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On the 27th of September 2015 will take place in Catalonia (Spain) the elections for the Catalan parliament. There has been a lot of tensions during the last 5 years between the Spanish and the Catalan Government. Since 2009 the catalan people have been demonstrating every 11th of September (Catalonia’s national day) with more than one million people attending to the meeting each time. These catalan people who have been demonstrating want to become a state so they can rule themselves so they do not depend on Madrid to decide what is best for the Catalans. That is how it is settled now. The Catalan parliament can pass laws, but if Madrid do not accept those laws then are immediately cancelled.

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The surveys made from both parts to predict the results of the elections point a victory of the parties which give support to independence. The strategy followed by these parties pro-independence has always been focused on explaining the advantages and disadvantages of becoming independent and the steps to follow in order to get that independent status. While from the Spanish side the only thing that has been mentioned is that the process is illegal, and that the Spanish constitution specifically forgives a referendum about those kind of aspects.


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Now that the Catalan elections are around the corner, around 10 days left, the Spanish diplomacy has moved their positions asking Barack Obama, David Cameron and Angela Merkel to support the Spanish position about the issue. But, would they really let Catalonia out of the European Union? Would they isolate 7 million European citizens?

Obama said that the relationship between Spain and the US was good, and that “we all want to see a strong and unified Spain”. With my experience, these words come from the Spanish diplomacy who asked Obama to do a gesture in favor of the union. The State of Texas has collected signatures to debate the possibility to vote a referendum in Texas. All countries in the world have or have had a region with this aim of autodetermination. It is in the Human rights tritee that all people have that right.


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Obama’s opinion about the catalan independence it is not relevant. This is a matter of democracy and the respect to a mandate from the catalan people to their political leaders. It is not very smart to ask Obama to make a statement in favor of the spanish government because shows how weak are their arguments to support their position. It is just what everybody wants, except the Catalans themselves… Not cool.  

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