Orange and Bouygues have been negotiating a merger between both firms

Orange and Bouygues have been negotiating a merger between both firms

Orange Bouygues

It was an open secret, but it’s official now: Orange and Bouygues Telecom are deeply involved in a negotiation process in order to make a definite rapprochement between the two operators. A statement, the company of Martin Bouygues announced that “they are interested in any plan to consolidate its anchorage in the world of telecommunications. Bouygues and Orange are talking to explore any possible opportunity. In this sense, a confidentiality agreement has been signed by Bouygues and Orange”.

To avoid possible climate of instability in the market, Orange has wanted to convey calm specifying his side that “these talks are not marked by a calendar and are not committed to follow any predefined schema. The group is exploring opportunities in the French telecommunications landscape, but his position allows them to act with full independence. Orange always acts in the best interest of its shareholders, employees and customers.” Orange and Bouygues Telecom had already tried to reach an agreement in 2014. So the talks between the two groups they did not reach fruition, nor on price or on the modalities of merger.

However, the situation today is quite different: the negotiations, led by the Rothschild and HSBC banks in the case of Bouygues, and the investment bank Jean-Marie Messier in the case of Orange are coming to better understanding than last time. Instead of paying the entire purchases, Orange would be willing to perform the operation through their actions, which would allow the Bouygues group to join the capital of the first French actor telecommunications.

According to the possibilities out there on the table, the union between the two operators would be made on a valuation of 10,000 million euros from Bouygues, TF1 television but remain outside any negociación. In any case, the point is to overcome thorny filter French and European authorities, a circumstance to which the means of communication Gauls have already predicted that the transfer of assets by 5,000 million euros is studied.