Renzi disputes the economic policy of the EU and calls for investments

Renzi disputes the economic policy of the EU and calls for investments

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In a press conference of two hours, the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, has defended that his government has achieved economic growth in Italy. To compare the results said that 2015 was a better year than 2014. “Just saying the facts. It’s been a good year,” he assured. He has justified the reforms undertaken, especially the electoral law, but also the labor and educational reforms, among others. The GDP growth was a good fact to mention, as well as the large tax cut that has been approved for 2016 and the international role of Italy, which “has once again become a leader in Europe”, he said.

It has also ensured that the Italian banking system “is much stronger” than the European and denied the existence of a systematic risk in the country’s bank system. “We do not change it for the German banking system,” he said. He also praised thanks to its reform, Italy has healed the political instability that has historically suffered.

Renzi, sure of himself and his policies, has recommended the growth and flexibility to overcome the economic crisis in the European Union. “Europe grows less because it has chosen the wrong economic policy. The policy of Obama has brought the United States out of the recession, but European economic policies didn’t have the same effect in the economy. Europe is still struggling to come out of the credit crisis. There is still not enough liquidity in the European market. Banks still don’t offer credit to a level of a healthy economy. Do not have chosen the right path which is the path of flexibility, growth and investment, “he ruled. Growth that the prime minister wanted to move to Italy with some expansionary budgets for next year. “If 2015 was the year of reforms, next year will be the year of values”. These budgets invested in culture, social services and social benefits.

The prime minister wanted to clarify that Italy’s position against the cuts in Government spending is not incompatible with the internal laws of the EU. Italy wants to respect all the conventions and agreements, but will not ask for permission to act in its best interest. Having a public deficit below 3% it is the prove for the EU to admit their policies and see if maybe better results show up for other countries to implant them.