Snow cannons save the Christmas hollydays for the skying resorts in Europe

Snow cannons save the Christmas hollydays for the skying resorts in Europe

german snow canons

The artificial snow made from cannons, saved the Christmas week in central European ski resorts. Because of a higher temperature for this time of year than usual, at least at this altitude. Where mountains of 2500 meters are not covered with snow so more resources need to be used despite the lack of natural precipitation.

It is the case of the German Spitzingsee ski resort in Bavaria where only 10% of the slopes are ready to be skied. “Economically, it is clear there is a small loss,” says the director of the German ski resort, Peter Lorenz. “Because during the holidays is when we are at the fullest of our capacity. We still have the Carnival holiday in February, which also comes in many people. It’s not that bad. We wait for the end of winter to recover these loses.”

However, the lack of natural snow has canceled fifteen percent of the reserves in these ski resorts last year, according to officials of the sector. It occurs on the big Swiss resort of Crans Montana and in the French Alps. An amateur snowboarder at Chattel, in Savoy, said that although not all slopes are good, he can still enjoy the ones that are open.

In contrast with the mid-mountain resorts and lower height remain closed because of the bad temperature to make artificial snow. In Spain, at the high Pyrenees, they are almost all resorts open to seventy-five percent of the slopes. Not in Sierra Nevada, where do not have temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

The picture shows the ski resorts that are at the Navarre Pyrenees, in the month of December, an unusual image due to lack of snow, which has also hit the ski slopes in Huesca and the French resort of Arette. A month after the weather forced the partial closure of the port of Belagua. The fair is very different: despite being more than 1,600 meters of altitude, there is little trace of snow, whose absence has it exposed the bare karst surfaces of the mountain from to slopes of the skiing resort to the artificial cannons with all tubes and cables going up the mountain. And without snow are few the ones who come to this remote place.

On the other hand we have the unusual case of a tornado season in Texas, and snow in New Mexico… something that makes us think that the climate is changing and where we are supposed to have snow it is not snowing and where we don’t expect snow it happens to fall. For sure the economy will suffer all over the world due to the climate change. Places with ski resorts will have to close and other places will may be able to open new ski resorts elsewhere.