The economic development as a warranty for peace.

The economic development as a warranty for peace.

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Recently we have all witnessed how much all violent attacks are rising around the world. The Daesh terrorist group (also known as ISIS) has been in the center of all conversations. I refuse to call them ISIS, because is the acronym for Iraq and Syria Islamic State, and I want to believe they are not Islamic and not a State. The UN has already planned to organize an extraordinary forum to meet up with all nations in the world and debate on solutions to these violent attacks.

Meanwhile the middle classes have been disappearing in developed countries for the last 10 years. People on a $1000 salary in the US think they belong to the middle class, but that is not true. With that salary in a developed country it is impossible to ensure a good education and medical attention to your family.

The link between these radical positions on Islam and the poverty levels in the world it is quite clear. Economic profits have been a priority for corporations as well as for the politicians in many countries. French corporations have been in Syria for more than a hundred years now. Controlling many Oil wells, and pipes to transport it to the Mediterranean Sea. The colonialist attitude has brought us these terrorist attacks many years after it finished. Now the solution seems to be around bombing that land again until no mosquito is left alive.

Complicated problems are not solved with simple solutions… Bombing Syria seems to me the easy thing to do. Not accepting refugees in Europe is also the easy thing to do. In Europe there were many wars among history, just until the society made a promise to establish the welfare state for all citizens. So, equality could be restored in the continent. 60 years of peace in the most developed countries of Europe. Balkans were not part of the EU, until few years ago.

We all know who Anne Frank was, a German girl trying to escape from Nazis ended up in Holland.  She asked the US government for a refugee visa around 1943, but was never given to her, so she stayed in Holland to die. She was killed while hiding in a secret room in a house.Now she could have been a 77 year old lady living in Boston. Sadly she is not. We pray for her and for all the people that now is struggling to survive in this hostile world.

In my opinion, if we ensure economic prosperity to the people in the world we will avoid future conflicts for resources and land domination. Maybe it is a utopia, but I want to believe that time will come someday.