Top 10 Companies in dividend return from IBEX-35:

Top 10 Companies in dividend return from IBEX-35:



repsol dividendo

Oil company with a target of a one euro per share dividend in the coming year, which at current prices represents a yield of over 10.4%. The highest dividend in a European Stock exchange market.  Currently holds up payment of the next dividend via scrip. The company is penalized this year on the stock market by the fall of oil prices (below $30 per barrel), but experts remain confident that returns to its normal levels smoothly during 2017. Repsol usually paid twice a year: in January and in July. Recently has presented its strategic plan with a clear focus on reducing costs and a divestment program, which would reduce debt and maintain its target dividend in the current context of an oil price so low.



It is among the most profitable stock dividend of EuroStoxx 50, is about 7.5%. The Spanish company expects to pay a dividend of 0.75 euros per share entirely in cash charged to the results of 2016. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval of the sale of its O2 in UK, it could be conducted in the second quarter 2016. If it occurs, could return to the flexible mode (0.35 euros plus 0.40 scrip cash) as in 2015. Experts are confident in the sustainability of shareholder remuneration that could be supported by alternative fundraising, as the enhancement of its portfolio of infrastructure assets (mobile towers, submarine cables, data centers, etc). It could occur through a direct sale or Initial Public Offer (IPO). Telefonica dividend is usually paid in May and November / December.



Its commitment dividend is one of the clearest. In fact, recently confirmed that plans to increase the payment a 5% annually (on the profit of the previous year). Acknowledged that if not identify attractive investment opportunities with which to monetize the box could be allocated to dividends 100% of its result. Experts predict that will pay 1.21 euros during 2016, representing a return of around 6.5%. Experts estimate that in January will pay 0.55 euros per share and the rest in July. It is a recommended value for conservative investors seeking dividend.



The insurance company has been very weak since the summer because of the punishment suffered by its exposure in Brazil, to the disappointment of the evolution of its market share in Spain and the US. The stock drops 13% in 2015, but offers a dividend yield of 6.4% to 0.14 euros which is expected to be distributed in 2016. Usually two dividends in cash either, one in June and another in December . The next is expected to be 0.08 euros per share.



The concessionaire corporation is another chosen by analysts for recurrence of their income and predictable payments. The infrastructures planned for the next coming years have been very positive as in predicted future income. Offers an annual return of 5.3% to 0.73 euros planned for 2016. Make two payments a year, in April and November. The next is expected to be around 0.33 euros gross per share. Furthermore, Abertis usually make a scrip per year that complements the shareholder remuneration. In terms of stock market performance, falling 10% in 2015. making it more attractive for investors.



We expect to meet its objectives dividend announced in its 2015-2017 strategic update (1.32 euros per share in 2015, 1.39 euros per share in 2016, and 1.46 euros in 2017, reaching a growing return 5%. In fact, the market consensus of 1.39 euros agrees that at current prices represents a yield of 5.08%. The gas transportation company usually pay its shareholders twice a year. One in December and another in July. By that date is expected to distribute 0.79 euros per share.



The board of the stainless steel manufacturer agreed this week to propose to the shareholders a lump sum to be distributed in July 2016. Experts expect it to 0.45 euros which implies a dividend yield of 5% to current prices. A year believe they keep the formula of scrip dividend. The value has been heavily punished this year by weak nickel, but 75% of analysts trust company and advises to buy stocks. They value their titles in 12.36 euros.



It offers a dividend yield of 5% to EUR 0.98 expected by the consensus of analysts for 2016. The Financial situation of Gas Natural, supported by its strong capacity to generate cash flows, provides enough capacity to raise the pay-out (part of the profit goes to the dividend) to 70% (from 62% currently) since 2016 and bringing it closer to levels in the industry. Also expected to increase when this strategy in the first quarter, as has a payout less than other European power.



Is a company specialized on the production of clean energy of many different types, such as solar power, wind power and geothermal power. It is an international company operating in countries like the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil. It has been paying dividend for a very long time and experts predict that are going to be able to keep last year’s dividend around a 5%. After recovering the financial muscle has room for upward revision of its dividend policy in its strategic update (February 2016)


Red Electrica - República Española

Is a companies with a high dividend yield as well. Red Eléctrica is expected to continue with increasing dividend in line with the profit and a payout of 70% of their profits. Dedicated to the maintenance of all kind of electric nets and stations.