Top 100 companies in Market Capitalization

Top 100 companies in Market Capitalization

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There is one clear winner of this “second great recession” we are about to pass, that is the USA. It is true that the American economy it is not at its growth potential, but still better off than the rest. Moreover, its production network has evolved like no other from the old industry business knowledge. These two factors have strengthened to levels not seen your domain in the list of the 100 largest companies in the world by market capitalization. If in 2007, before the outbreak of the crisis, European and Chinese companies threatened the American scepter, today its dominance is overwhelming. Eight years ago the US had only 34 companies among the 100 most valuable, while today accounts for 54% of the seats. There are several reasons to explain the triumph of American companies. The first is the structure of funding. In the US, more businesses turn to the stock market, which enables them to grow faster, while in Europe there is still much dependence on bank loans. In addition, the US has clearly opted for the field of ideas, which already accounts for 32% of its economy.

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The supremacy of American capitalism is even greater in the top of the classification: the 10 largest companies by market capitalization are Americans (in 2007 had only four companies in the top ten). Apple has established itself as the most valuable company in the world with a market capitalization of slashing 700,000 million. The rise of the firm Cupertino (California) has been brilliant since in 2007 it was only the 34th. Moreover, since the death of Steve Jobs in October 2011, the management team led by Tim Cook has doubled the market value of the company with the launch of new products, in other words, increasing the market capitalization of the company.

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Apple is just the tip of the iceberg of the weight it has gained the technology sector in the list of the biggest groups in the world. The center of corporate power has shifted from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Five of the ten most capitalized companies in the US market are in the technology sector (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon) and add 16 representatives among the 100 largest in the world (six more than in 2007).

In analyzing the reasons for American dominance it could be noted that the US economy is more dynamic and has recovered better than Europe. But what matters is that many American companies are now among the top 100, such as Google or Facebook, they were not 10 years ago. This ability to innovate and create new business models with high potential for growth is the main driver of the US economy.