Top 5 Touristic Countries 2015

Top 5 Touristic Countries 2015

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It is the first destination of the world with more than 83 million international tourists every year. Tourism directly employs 1 million people and indirectly another million. France has 45,000 monuments catalogued by UNESCO as world’s patrimony. 8,000 museums around the territory. France generates 700k seasonal jobs. There are around 250k companies in the tourism sector, representing the 7.5% of its GDP. The Tourism balance is around 13 billion positive.


new yorkAround 69,8 million tourists visited the United States last year. Spending around 420 billion all together that divided for the total number of individuals gives us an average of $6,000 per tourist spent in the country. The sector has been increasing dramatically during the recent years, promoting the construction of hotels, hostels, motels, restaurants, renting car agencies and all types of companies related to the sector. As a big country, there is a big internal rate of tourism between states.


china destinationThe direct contribution of tourism to the Gross Domestic Product in the Chinese economy goes up to 1.2 trillion yuan, equivalent to 9% of the GDP of the country, as highlighted in a study by the World Travel & Tourism Council, which was recently presented by President and CEO of WTTC, David Scowsill. The tourism sector is also a major in terms of job creation, contributing nearly 62 million direct, indirect and induced jobs, while the financial sector, for example, only generates 48.5 million jobs.


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In 2012, Spain is the second biggest international tourism receipts obtained from the world and the first in Europe. Furthermore, Spain is fourth in the international ranking of international tourist arrivals to 57.5 million.

The weight of tourism in Spain, as measured by the final tourist demand, stood at 10.9% of GDP in 2012. The use of the best branches exceeds 2.1 million people and represents the 11.9% of total employment. Tourist apartments and campsites offer of places increases by 2.0% and 1.0% respectively. However rural tourism reduced the supply of beds by 1.3%.


colosseum visitThe services sector represents 70% of GDP. Tourism plays a key role, since Italy is the third largest tourist destination in Europe after France and Spain. Italian agencies said tourism bookings have fallen almost 30% since the crisis reached its peak. The first industry of the country, representing 10% of the Italian GDP, is suffering the worst crisis since the 60’s. According to the sector leaders, European, Russian and Japanese tourists travel elsewhere.