Why to get a Business and Finance Degree if you can do...

Why to get a Business and Finance Degree if you can do it yourself?

finacial degree

My experience at University was good. Took me 5 years to get a business and finance degree of 4 years. I had a good time though. Smoked a lot of weed. Drank a lot of beer. Had a lot of sex… well, was probably less sex than what I would’ve liked it to have. Anyways, 90% of the classes were pointless, and useless in my point of view. I only enjoyed one in every 10 classes. Those “good” subjects gave me the tools to understand the financial world. To be able to write a decent essay. To be able to communicate with others and joining ideas, etc. But no knowledge at all.

finacial degree

My first day at work in a Investment company, analysing markets and managing portfolios, was horrible, I didn’t know how to do absolutely anything. My business and finance degree didn’t help me at all. I didn’t know 90% of the things we were doing at the office. I felt absolutely stupid. Absurd. in my mind i had all those questions about my studies… I felt I had been wasting my time at University and still think I did waste it. It took me a month to learn everything at work. Took me 5 years to finish University. I recommend the experience of going to Uni, because you learn how to be a better person in many ways… but if you want to learn from a specific topic, don’t need to enroll yourself for 4 or 5 years in a uni…

My recommendation to all 16 years old guys and girls is to identify what do you like to do in life, and study that by yourself. Go into deep detail. talk to professionals. Go to seminars, speeches, congresses, etc. But if you think that by going to uni, you are gonna have a better future I think you are very wrong.